Delta SkyMiles Dining Bonus

Delta SkyMiles Dining Bonus

If you are collecting Delta miles to save up for a trip, you can join SkyMiles Dining for up to 3,000 Bonus Delta SkyMiles.  All you have to do is register with their program earlier than September 30, 2017, spend $30 or more at each participating restaurant, and write a review within 30 days of each bonus dine.  After dining out three times, you get their maximum reward of 3,000 Delta SkyMiles! Even if you’re already participating in a RewardsNetwork dining program like iDine or FuelRewards, you can switch over to the Delta program juuust long enough to get your big bonus, then go back to your preferred program.

3,000 Bonus Delta SkyMiles with SkyMiles Dining

This dining rewards program lets you get Delta SkyMiles each time you dine at restaurants participating in their program. After twelve dines, you start earning 5 miles for every dollar spent dining at participating venues, until then you get 3 miles per dollar (as long as you sign up to get their spam).  Delta does not expire their SkyMiles.  As a result, you can get these SkyMiles and hold onto them until you need them.

How to Earn 3,000 Bonus Delta SkyMiles:

  1. Join SkyMiles Dining by September 30, 2017 – it’s free!
  2. Within 30 days of signing up, make a $30 or greater (incl. tax and tip) purchase at any participating location.  All you have to do, is pay using your credit card that you register as part of the program.
  3. Complete a review of the place within 30 days of your spend.
  4. Each visit earns you a progressively bigger bonus until you get a total of 3,000:
    • 500 bonus miles for your first visit to a participating restaurant, then another
    • 1,000 bonus miles for your second visit to a participating restaurant, then another
    • 1,500 bonus miles for your third visit to a participating restaurant

This bonus available to new SkyMiles Dining members or those members who, at the time of registration, do not yet have a “dining profile”. They say it can take between 4 to 6 weeks from the completion of your survey for the bonus miles to make it to your SkyMiles account.

How to Write a Valuable Review


It’s hard to be upset about free miles, and this deal is pretty darn good.

How to Write a Valuable Review

According to the Rewards Network, here’s there guide on writing a review.  Note that “value” isn’t one of their key considerations.

Spill the beans. [Ha, I see what you did there!] We encourage you to be creative in your review and let your personality shine. The most meaningful reviews contain colorful descriptions of the food, service and ambiance. Here are a few tips to help you provide feedback that is the most helpful:

  • Food and Drinks
    After all, it`s what you came for. [And that’s all — except no highly marked up drinks] Be sure to tell us what you liked about what you ordered or your thoughts on the menu. Was that soup just like Grandma used to make it? Tell us about it.
  • Service
    Was the service polite, helpful and efficient? Did your server help make your meal sparkle [No thanks, I would rather not pay the 35% tip expected for sparkling service, thank you very much] by checking in at the appropriate times or anticipating needs?
  • Ambiance
    Tell other diners what you thought of the mood. [Like I care… These things add to the cost, which I do not want] Did it match the food and service? Was it casual enough for a family outing or romantic for a first date?
  • Constructive Feedback
    If your visit was less than perfect, be sure to remain constructive in your review. Avoid using offensive or distasteful comments. Share information you feel would help the owner improve upon future experiences.






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