Stacked Discount Shopping For the WIN! – $10 Bonus Cash!

Stacked Discount Shopping For the WIN! – $10 Bonus Cash!

Do NOT buy the 2018 Entertainment book until you read this!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Entertainment book.  There are tons of restaurant deals on there for 50% off all over town.  My parents started buying it when I was a kid, and I’ve been addicted to it ever since.  But, there’s an even better way to save all that, and I aims to tell you about it.


Here’s my Golden Rule of Frugal Shopping: Always Shop At a Discount!

Back in 2010, I became a member of a site that shares a portion of their affiliate income back to the shopper. I thought it was pretty novel then, and they’re still around! I know, when you’re considering doing business with someone, it’s always a little sketchy when that new “Order Your Contact Lenses Online” store has only been around for 5 months.

So let’s say you’re interested in shopping at Macy’s for something, you go to this site I’m about to share with you, find the store at which you want discounts, click the affiliate link to the store, and you get cash back into your account, after you’ve made your order. I’ve saved about $500 over the years. I’ve started shopping a lot more at Amazon, which doesn’t really give a discount through these guys. But Macy’s? Sure… you can get 6% of your cost rebated to you.


The Savings Really Stack Up!


And it stacks!

You can stack this with your miles/points card. The 6% rebate doesn’t come off of your purchase price.  It comes back to you as a rebate, so your purchase price appears as full price and get all your miles for the purchase.

Let’s say you’re traveling for work. Hotels.com absolutely kicks butt for finding hotels at a cheap rate.

When I was traveling to New York City for work as an freelance consultant, where my hotel was burdened into my hourly rate, I’d click their affiliate link for Hotels.com, book the travel, get my Hotels.com rebate form for booking 3 or more nights from my Entertainment book, and book the whole thing on a miles credit card. I ended up paying so much less than I would have without stacking those savings.

  • Full Price of the Hotel on the rewards card
  • 6% Rebate by using their affiliate link
  • $20 rebate for booking 3 nights

Sure… but where can I shop?

Oh, and that contact lens example above? 1-800 Contacts – 5% rebate.
The Entertainment coupon book?  A 17.5% rebate!! (and a free shipping coupon code)
You can link your credit card to In-Store savings at Brick and Mortar places. Like Bed, Bath, and Beyond… When you’re getting new towels to use that 20% off coupon they’re always mailing out, you will get another 2% rebate when you use your linked rewards credit card.


It’s actually pretty amazing how many places have discounts running here. It’s pretty much everywhere you’re probably already shopping. So, instead of giving you affiliate links to high priced products and trying to convince you how awesome they are, here’s my advice and plea to you:

Sign Up At Ebates and Save!

If you actually buy stuff through their links after signing up through that link, I get $5 and YOU get $10. At a minimum, if you never use them again after buying the Entertainment book, you get $10 for using them once! This is insane! Now, they’re hoping you’re as excited about their deals as I am, and you’ll just keep buying stuff through them. They share the wealth, and they just keep making their affiliate cash hand over fist because of their profit sharing process. If they weren’t so confident you’d love their deals, they wouldn’t be willing to give you $10 for just signing up.

Now that you know about them, it’s silly to ever shop the normal way again! Am I right?!





3 Replies to “Stacked Discount Shopping For the WIN! – $10 Bonus Cash!”

  1. I forgot about the entertainment books. I had those as a kid too and my parents made us pick the coupons for where we went. I have to look into that again. It taught me at a young age never pay full price. Great post

  2. Yes to dual or triple rewards for a single shopping trip! You should check out Drop App if you haven’t heard of it. Basically it’s another method of stacking rewards on top of the others you mentioned. It just launched in the US but been available in Canada for a year already 🙂

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