Cash Fast! Making It in the Modern World

Cash Fast! Making It in the Modern World

It’s as pervasive as the wind, and it’s as old as the hills… Make a ton of money and retire early! Become Financially Independent and Retire Early.  Master the market and become a day-trader.  Invest in real estate and become a tycoon.  More money, more sex, more parties, more… More… MORE!

Are you ready to make your cash-flow get HYPER!?

Before I deliver the sweetness, I’m going to tell a little story to make the journey more meaningful.  I was recently watching a movie about Kenny Saylors, called Facing the Fat.  He started out fit and athletic, but the modern world got to him.  He liked the taste, he liked the feelings from eating, so he kept doing it until it was way too much.  He had become severely overweight, and he decided he was going to do something about it.  He decided to stop eating for 40 days.  The movie looks at the implications of over-eating and documents his personal journey through the process.

A few days ago, my oldest son was battling with a similar problem.  He asked, “If we’re supposed to eat good things, like kale and such, why doesn’t it taste better?  Wouldn’t we have evolved to appreciate the tastes of the things that are better for us, and to not like the taste of things that can become toxic, like sugar?”  We had recently watched That Sugar Film, but because of his ADHD, he only remembered the main message (which I’m glad hit home).  I explained that in the “real world”, things like sugar, salt, and fat are rare.  And when we find them, our survival was dependent upon gluttonously consuming as much of it as possible, so we could tough out the drought between these opportunities.  However, because of advances in technology we’re able to mine salt, extract sugar, and press oil and put it into everything. This technology has advanced faster than we have.  Those who make food products found that the right combinations of flavor sells more of that product, so they turn it up to eleven.


You see, the real problem comes when we become desensitized. For example, a little sugar is great.  It tells us that the fruit we’re eating is desirable, and we make sure to eat all of it, including the fibre, etc.  An apple is delicious!  But an apple right after you brush your teeth tastes nasty!  Why? Because you’ve had so much intense sweetness that your body thinks the natural sweet is now sour.  The same thing comes from overeating.  The first few times you overeat, it hurts.  Your stomach has to stretch to get all the goodies in there.  But, after eating like that, it takes more and more food to “feel full.”  Just like the sugar overload, you adapt, our needs expand to fill the available resources and “too much is never enough.”  In The Four Hour Body, I was re-introduced to the positive effects of “intermittent fasting”, in which the body, through scarcity, enters a new mode of healing and increased health.  After doing this only a few times, I was amazed at the natural size my stomach shrank back down to.  I now have a far more healthy perspective of the right amount to eat for a meal — when it hurts, it’s too much.

Just like the food manufacturers who are fine with you eating junk food until you starve from malnutrition at 600lbs, the creators of luxury automobiles, boutique vodka, and McMansions are fine with you working yourself to death in pursuit of “a comfortable lifestyle” when you retire.  The problem is, after working 100 hour weeks, eating garbage food because you’re always in a hurry, and drinking so much coffee to push your productivity that you need a six-pack of small batch craft beer to even get to sleep once you push through the wall.

So, whether you end up flipping properties, internet marketing, becoming a landlord, running your own business, day-trading, or joining a pyramid scheme, it takes that up front investment of your time and money to be good at your new “skill” you intend to leverage for your non-stop stream of passive cash flow.  And that’s on top of your normal commitments to school, work, family… oh, and don’t forget about health, unlike the other ones, it will come back with a vengeance when you’ve ignored it for too long.

Maybe instead of looking to make cash fast, you need to go on a cash fast, instead.  Let yourself get used to having less, living simpler, and taking more time to do what’s “right”.  You do remember why you started down the path of independence, don’t you?  So you could “live the life you’ve always wanted.”  What is that life?  Why not just start living it?  You might just find that like your first bite of apple after a fast, life is just so much sweeter than you ever remembered.

6 Replies to “Cash Fast! Making It in the Modern World”

  1. Very interesting analogy, I really like it. I have heard a lot about the save more or earn more debate, but this is a really interesting way to look at it. Saving more via a cash fast may help one to break the addiction to cash and improve finances going forward!

    1. I tend to take a success pattern and find as many places to apply it as possible, even if slightly different implementation.

      This is the type of thinking that is used to revolutionize an industry. Folks getting burnt to a crisp in front of airplane guidance technology brought us the microwave oven, for example. Many models of success are out there and can be swapped around for success in business, health, and happiness.

  2. Yes! This resonates with me (obviously). I’m a strong believer in cash fasts. Sure, not spending money on luxury goods will obviously help keep money in your pocket, but spending smarter on food is not cheaper, but much much healthier. A short-term fast hopefully will change spending habits, and the benefits start to pile on from there 🙂
    Cash fasting for the win!

  3. What a great perspective! I strongly believe life is all about balance, and in our world that is the farthest thing from most peoples’ lives. I’ve been toying with the idea of intermittent fasting, maybe we will give it a try in conjunction with a no-spend weekend!

  4. Really enjoyed that. I think I see simple living and everything I have learned from incorporating it into my own life as being a fast of sorts from many of the more toxic aspects of modern culture. I am grateful for all the luxuries and opportunities I can avail of but it’s way too easy to be knocked out of balance. I find the frugal lifestyle makes me very grateful for things. With that, I’m already on the road to richness

    1. The journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step. It sound like you’re already a lot of the way there. To quote another trite idiom, “it’s a journey, not a destination”. There’s not a target to “finally be minimalist”, imho, but the fact that you’re appreciating the simple beauty OF the world, is the true joy.

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