Frugal Vegetarian Breastaurant Takeout Adventure – Very Stacked!

Frugal Vegetarian Breastaurant Takeout Adventure – Very Stacked!

Tilted Kilt – Frugal Vegetarian Takeout Review

Rating: Not Quite

This is my first frugal vegetarian take-out review, so I’m making up these criteria as I go along. But overall, I’d give it a “not quite” 2/4 stars.  As a reminder, the chief criteria of this challenge is to:

  1. Stack as many discounts/points as possible
  2. Pay as little as possible
    • thus takeout, to avoid drinks, desserts, and tip and “atmosphere”
    • thus vegetarian, as meat-free food should be less costly
  3. Find decent places to eat

Restaurants this week were found using the RewardsNetwork restaurant list.  However, when I was searching for coupons to stack for this week’s restaurants, I found another program that ties into one’s credit card called MoglUnlike the RewardsNetwork programs, when I signed up for Mogl, I didn’t get any “only one program” emails from RewardsNetwork, according to my research, it might just stack!  There are quite a few restaurants on both the RewardsNetwork as well as Mogl, so they could be running the same program, but they might not.  Only time will tell.  Yelp also offers a cash back program, that uses the Mogl infrastructure, so Yelp and Mogl cannot stack, but either can stack with RewardsNetwork.

Vegetarian Friendly: Not really

  • The “vegetarian option” of black bean burger can be substituted or you can “leave off the meat” that you’re certainly paying full price for.

Take Out Friendly:  Not so much

  • Had to place the order over the phone. No web or app-based ordering. The goal here is to minimize the amount of imposed “service” to create reciprocity and expect a tip. There was no take out zone. It was not obvious who to talk to in order to pick up the order. When the waitress finally came over, she was intent to butter me up as fast as possible for her tip.

Value: Pretty Poor

  •  Burger and (six) onion rings for $15 is a little more than I would expect. I’m thinking that guys aren’t coming here for the food or the prices.

Timeliness: Fair

  • I was told the food would be ready in 10 minutes because they were pretty slow. I got there in 12 and the food was ready in 20.  I’m not looking for fast food, just accurate estimation.  If you tell me it’ll be an hour, and I come get my food in an hour, I don’t expect my food to have been sitting around for 45 minutes, getting cold.

Service: Not so hot

While I was placing the order, I had a very hard time hearing the order taker, because they have their phone right where the music is loudest in the restaurant. When I arrived, no one came to assist me for about 5 minutes. I had to walk around and find someone, who then went in back to tell MY waitress (the one who took my order) that I was waiting. While I was waiting the (not my) waitress offered me some water while I waited, which was pretty nice. When my waitress arrived, there was a large flurry of “how was your day” type banter, meant to make me feel engaged. She went through all of the boxes to make sure they hadn’t screwed anything up, which is as expected.

Food Quality: Some good, some mediocre

  • The burger itself was actually pretty good. The problem was that there was already so much salt from the starter, that the bleu cheese was just way too salty. After letting my palate get over the excessive saltiness of the “Irish Nachos”, I was able to experience the subtle flavor combination in the “black and bleu burger”, and it was really well done.
  • The onion rings, all six of them that were included in my order, were actually pretty tasty. Unfortunately, there was no offer of any condiments to accompany them, nor were any provided.
  • The “Irish Nachos” were actually awful. First, they were way too salty.  I could feel my blood pressure rising, and this was takeout, so it certainly wasn’t because of the “atmosphere”. Second, the “cheez” on it seemed more like cheez-whiz, and added even more salt. Third, it seemed about 1/4 of the chips were from a prior batch made in some rancid oil. Once I got a snootfull of that, it was pretty hard to recover. Finally, the decision to remove the beef chunks (with no cost accommodation provided) must have been the coup de grâce that just made them far from what was originally intended, but quoth The Raven, “nevermore”.  The tomatoes, however, were of decent ripeness and flavor, but this strength did not redeem them.

The Discounts and Deals

I expect to receive a “stacked” (keeping in line with their tongue-in-check mammary-related humor) deal of:

  • 7% cash back from Mogl  ($1.78)
  • 3 miles per dollar (76 miles) from the Delta Skymiles Dining program from Rewards Network, since I’m an “online member” (getting their spam)
    • 1:12 required restaurant visits to count toward 5 miles per dollar VIP status
  • 1 mile per dollar (25 miles) from my Delta American Express card
    • There are better credit cards to use for steeper dining rewards, such as the AARP and CostCo Visa which each give 3% cash back on dining with no annual fee, but I don’t have either of those right now.

In the future, I hope to interleave some Restaurants.com or Entertainment coupons on this goodness, but I didn’t have time to line those up for this week’s travel dining.

Also, since Delta is running a bonus program, I was hoping to get a bonus of 500 miles on this first, but I didn’t spend $30, only $25. I didn’t pay close enough attention to the terms. However, I should still get the regular miles listed above. Here are the details of the Delta Dining bonus good until September 30, 2017:

For a limited time, join SkyMiles® Dining and earn up to 3,000 bonus miles right out of the gate. Just sign up, register your credit and/or debit card, and within the first 30 days, after completing an online review:

  • Earn 500 Bonus Miles by spending $30 or more at any participating restaurant.
  • Earn 1,000 Bonus Miles by spending $30 or more on your second participating restaurant.
  • Earn 1,500 Bonus Miles by spending $30 or more on your third participating restaurant.

The Mogl app is actually pretty sweet.  This is especially in contrast to the utter lack of an app for the Delta SkyMiles Dining.  I was able to call the restaurant straight from the app, and the moment that my credit card was swiped through the register, I got this little notification:

Mogl notification dialog of Tilted Kilt purchase.

I understand that the RewardsNetwork can take up to a few weeks to show up on their site.  The official statement on the site is to allow 5 to 10 days for miles to show on your statement.  It ended up taking three days.  Ate on Monday night, showed up on my SkyMiles Dining profile on Thursday morning.

The Experience

Hidden under the section of the menu labeled Big Arse Burgers, lies the option to make the item a “Skinny Arse” by substituting a spicy black bean patty. Every burger, whether with a big or skinny arse, is served with the choice of side. I went with the Beer Battered Onion Rings.  I love onion rings.

Now, finding something vegetarian on this menu is quite problematic. Most of their burgers come with bacon, and I’m not a big fan of paying for something as part of the base price, then having them just “leave that off” without giving me something in return. So, the following burgers with other meaty things added were out to the question:

  • BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger – Apple wood smoked bacon [it needs more meat, right?], cheddar cheese, Guinness, BBQ sauce, crispy shiestring onions, leaf lettuce and ripe tomato.
  • F. A. B. Burger – Golden fried burger patty, apple wood smoked bacon [bacon, again!], cheddar cheese, kilt burger mayo, leaf lettuce, ripe tomato and red onion.
  • Pub Fried Egg Burger – Apple wood smoked bacon [definitely needs bacon], a fried egg, American cheese, leaf lettuce, ripe tomato and red onion.
  • Wicked Boston Burger – Maple pepper bacon [ooh! a different kind of bacon!], American cheese, Samuel Adams Boston larger, caramelized onion relish, burger sauce, leaf lettuce and ripe tomato.
  • Hot Mess Burger – A fork and knife burger with TK chili [it probably has bacon in it] and cheddar cheese all smothered with Monterrey jack cheese sauce.
  • Double D Burger – Served with boasts two deep fried patties, apple wood smoked bacon [whew… I was worried it might not have bacon], cheddar, kilt burger mayo, leaf lettuce and ripe tomato.

This left me to choose from the following to replace the normal beef patty (making it a “Skinny Arse” as per their branding wit) with a black bean burger:

  • Big Arse Classic – Pickle chips, leaf lettuce, ripe tomato, red onion and served on a toasted bun.
  • Black & Bleu Burger – Blackened seasoning, melted bleu cheese crumbles, crispy shoestring onions, leaf lettuce & ripe tomato.
  • California Burger – Turkey burger with Swiss cheese, guacamole, leaf lettuce, ripe tomato and red onion.
  • The SOB (South of the Border) Burger – Roasted green chilies, pepper jack cheese, habañero salsa and cream cheese schmear.

In addition, since this place is allegedly “Irish”, thought I’d give the Irish Nachos (sans spiced ground beef) a shot. I never heard of such a thing. As ordered, it was “fresh-cooked crispy potato chips covered with melted cheese sauce and tomatoes”.  As noted above, I was exceptionally disappointed in these. The cheese was nasty, thick, cheez-food product, the chips were salty enough to pickle your tongue after a few bites, and a few too many of them tasted like they were “fresh-cooked” in rancid oil.


Tilted Kilt Take Out Order


Black & Bleu Skinny Arse Burger with Onion Rings


Rancid Arse Irish Nachos

Allegedly, from various Pinterest photos, one can get a black bean wrap from Tilted Kilt, as well. I’m not sure which of the two following menu items affords the opportunity for the substitution of their ubiquitous “vegetarian option”, the black bean patty, but the Tilted Kilt in my area didn’t have this item specifically mentioned or identified for substitution on the menu.

Chicken Tender Wrap – Hand breaded chicken tenders, provolone cheese, lettuce, ripe tomato and ranch in a grilled tortilla. Sauce em and toss em in one of our six amazing wing sauces.
Spicy Southwest Chicken Wrap – A grilled tortilla filled with tender grilled chicken, fresh veggies, cheddar and jack cheese and spicy southwest dressing.

Working my way through the burger section on the menu, the double entendre present in the Hot Mess and Double D Burgers are certainly a tongue-in-cheek shout out to their recruiting process, bikini calendar, and oh-so-snug apparel. I scoured the rest of the menu to find these two winners as well: Sadie’s Stuffed Breasts and The Big Rack. I had never actually been in a Tilted Kilt before and was rather surprised at the outfits. It was more than a little disgusting to see the hoarde of male patrons seated around the bar ogling the wait staff while I waited for my order. I felt like I was in… shall we say… not a restaurant. I was pretty happy to get out of there, as the overall energy is not what I expect in a restaurant. Perhaps “breastaurants” aren’t my bag. Good thing there’s takeout.

Restaurant Address: 1500 Satellite Blvd, Suwanee, GA 30024












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